USA April 2013

A flight from Venice to Rome and then to Miami, Florida. After that, Panama City Florida, Pensacola, through Alabama and Mississippi to New Orleans Louisiana. From New Orleans to Memphis Tennessee and then a flight to New York to see the Niagara falls. After Niagara, a road trip to NYC where our trip ended. We flew from NYC to Paris and from there back to Venice and then home.

Because Youtube blocked audio content in a movie I made, you can only see the pictures for now. When I remake the movie so it will not contain any copyrighted material, I will publish it again.

Florida - The Sunshine State

Touchdown in Miami. We didn't sleep for about 40 hours and the sun was burning hot at the airport where we landed. We were still wearing long sleeves and pants because it was kind of chilly in Ljubljana and Venice, but it had to be around 30°C here. So after landing, we went through the customs where they took our pictures and fingerprints and then we headed to baggage claim. We decided to take a cab to the hotel, because we were to tired to wait for the bus or a shuttle, but when we tried to stop a taxi (like we saw in numerous American movies) they just kept pointing in a downward direction. We didn't understand what they meant by that, so we asked a nice lady, who told us that we should go one floor lower where taxis are waiting for arrivals. After a 35$ taxi ride we got to the hotel in north beach where we 'unpacked', changed our clothes and started exploring Miami. If we were awake for the last 40 hours we would last for another 5. We wandered about for a while to south beach and back and then we wanted go for a cup of coffee and a beer like a normal person would. But hey, looks like Americans are not normal people :). There were no bars anywhere on the beach or near a beach for that matter. After a looooong search we finally found a bar with seats on the open. So Maja, as a big coffee lover like she is, had a cup and I had my first American burger and a beer :). We stayed in Miami for three days. One day we went to the Everglades and one day to Florida Keys. On the day we left we drove for about 1000 km to Panama City, Florida where we stayed for the night. The next day we arrived to Pensacola where we stayed for two days and then continued our trip to New Orleans.

Louisiana - Child of the Mississippi

We returned our car in Pensacola and continued our way to New Orleans - The Big Easy with a bus. We crossed Alabama and Mississippi and arrived to the great city of New Orleans, Louisiana. The reason we returned the car was, that rent-a-car companies charge an additional fee if you return the car in another state. There is an exception between New York and New Jersey where no extra fee was charged to us. Also, it was fun to observe people on the bus. In New Orleans we bought a 3 day Jazzey pass so we could ride the streetcar and the bus as much as we wanted. Later that day we went to the Burbon street in French Quarter, which is where everything fun happens in The Big Easy. It is filled with bars with jazz music and you can see the balconies which look like the ones you see in old western movies. The next day we walked through the French Quarter a few times and I got my po'boy sandwich. I saw that sandwich in an Anthony Bourdain show on TV a couple of days before we went on out vacation, and I had to try it. It wasn't as good as Anthony described, but it wasn't bad. On the last day we had dinner in Bubba Gump shrimp restaurant which we liked a lot better than a po'boy :).

We continued our trip to Memphis by train.

Tennessee - The Volunteer State

Late in the evening we arrived to Memphis, Tennessee. The Elvis town :). We visited Graceland the first thing next morning and stayed there for about 4 hours. In the afternoon we went downtown where there was an automobile show. We took a few pictures and then went for a beer :)

The next day we took a cab to the airport and flew to New York.

New York - The Empire State

We landed at the Buffalo International Airport in the state of New York. We rented a car and got a Dodge Avenger this time, as they did not have any smaller cars available anymore :). We drove to our reserved motel in the vicinity of Niagara falls, which we saw the next day. First we looked at the American Falls, then we crossed the border to Canada and saw theirs. The Canadian Falls is bigger and in the shape of a horseshoe, ergo Horseshoe Falls. In one picture below there is data about how big the water flow is. The weather was sunny but very windy, so we put on as much clothes as we had with us, but Canadians walked around in their shorts and short sleeves. Crazy Canadians :). When we returned to the US we were charged half a buck per person and the Canadian customs officer joked that these Americans charge you for everything. After the Falls, and since we were in Buffalo, we had some Buffalo chicken wings and a beer - delicious. Our road trip continued through Pennsylvania and we arrived to Bridgewater New Jersey late in the afternoon, where we stayed for the night. The next day we arrived to New Jersey where we had booked a room. It did not matter that the motel was in New Jersey, because there was a shuttle every 5 minutes that took us to Manhattan and the motel was a lot cheaper than any hotel in Manhattan. We enjoyed NYC for the next few days, but unfortunately the Statue of Liberty and Ellis island were closed due to damage caused by the hurricane Sandy a year before. However, we did go to the Empire State building, saw the central park, the museum of natural history, went to Brooklyn and even saw a stand-up show on Broadway. We also had a burger and a beer in the Corner bistro. I really liked the beer there - McSorley's pale ale. The last day when we went for breakfast at our motel I ran in to a coworker from back home who had just begun his road trip. I think we were both in a bit of a shock when we met roughly 8000 km away from home. That also reminded me that our USA Road Trip is coming to an end and that it is time to return to reality. We packed our bags, took a shuttle to Manhattan and took a bus that drove us to the JFK airport. We flew back to Europe. We had a connecting flight from Paris to Venice from where we drove back home to Ljubljana.

It sure was fun :)