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Download Webpage Watcher version 1.0     Only for Windows XP/7 (maybe Win 8 - haven't tested)

Version 1.0

This is a readme file for the program WebpageWatcher.


Are you sick and tired of constantly refreshing a webpage to see if a movie or a show you anticipate has already been released ? Well here is the solution. This application does the work for you. All you need to do is specify which movie or a show you are waiting for and the program will check the web every 5 minutes to see if the movie or a show has already been released. Another feature is to chech for a certain phrase on a webpage you specify. Let's say you are waiting for results of a test you took. Just input a webpage where the results will appear and a phrase such as "results". The application will let you know about the results.


File -> Exit: Exits the program
Help -> About: Some info about the application
Help -> ReadMe: This info file.

Choose what you would like the application to be on the lookout for. Either Shows/Movies, custom phrases on custom websites or all of the above :) Then click the 'Add' button and specify the info needed. After you are done, hit the 'Start watching' button and wait... No need to check the webpage yourself anymore. When there is a new result a baloon tip is displayed when the application is minimized. You can click on the baloon tip to restore the application. When there is a new result the red '0' is changed to a gree number displaying the number of results. You can click on the number to open a window which shows all of the results.

Pretty starightforward right ? :)

If you would like to report a bug, or just say what a good piece of intellectual work this software is, feel free to contact me at: Author

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