Download GE2Suunto2GE version 1.1     Only for Windows XP/7 (maybe Win 8 - haven't tested)

Version 1.1

This is a readme file for the program Google Earth to Suunto converter & Vice Versa a.k.a. GE2Suunto2GE


The program was written for the purpose of converting Google Earth's waypoint .kml (Keyhole Markup Language) and .kmz (KML Zipped) files to Suunto files. Either Suunto track files or Suunto route files. The program can also convert files back from Suunto (track or route) to Google Earth's .kml or .kmz files. The program was written because I needed some software that will convert a waypoint made in Google Earth to Suunto X10 file format. I couldn't find any free software on the web, so I decided to write one myself. So far the program works as it should, but of course bugs are to be expected, so please if you find any, don't hesitate to contact me on the e-mail provided in the application itself (bottom left corner).

This program is freeware, but if you think it is useful and would like to support it's further development, please donate. Each contribution is greately appreciated and will help me find the neccessary will to fix bugs and expand the program's features.


File -> Exit:Exits the program
Help -> About:Some info about the application
Help -> Donate: Donate link
Help -> ReadMe:This info file

KML File: Google Earth XML file that contains coordinates of your route.
KMZ File: Zipped KML file.
SDF Track File: Suunto file format - A file that contains coordinates, created by your Suunto device using it's GPS receiver.
SDF Route File: Suunto file format - A file that conatins coordinates and can be uplated to your Suunto device for the purpose of navigation. The suunto device uses the coordinates in this file to guide you from one point to another.

In order to convert a file from Google Earth format (either KML or KMZ) to Suunto format, you first need to browse for Google Earth file. After you load the file you need to specify the output Suunto file. You can choose to convert to a track file or to a route file.

In the second tab of the application you can see that you can choose Suunto files (again, route files or track files) and can convert them to Google Earth .kmz or .kml files. It depends what you choose in the file selection dialog for the output file.

Pretty starightforward right ? :)

Further development:

Changes and bugfixes in version 1.1:

If you would like to report a bug, or just say what a good piece of intellectual work this software is, feel free to contact me at: Author

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