Mountain running trip:
Preddvor - Kališče - Storžič - Kališče - Hudičev boršt - Javorjev vrh - Sv. Jakob - Preddvor
Trip time lenght: cca 5 h
Distance: cca 22 km
Altitude: cca 2500 m up and 2500 m down

About two years ago I started with mountain running. Short runs at first, such as Polhograjska grmada, Šmarna gora and similar. Last year I ran up Kokrsko sedlo (not all the way though), and this year I managed to run from Preddvor to Kališče, which is quite easier than Kokrsko sedlo. The time it takes me to run up these mountains is still quite slower than it takes true competitors in mountain running world, but I get better each year.
So this time I decided to undertake a sort of mountain half-marathon with a total distance of 22 km and total altitude of 2500 m. I ran most of the time, with the exception of the ascend on Storžič. I walked from Kališče to Storžič beacuse I can't manage to run that yet :)
You can see pictures I took along the way in the section below, there is also a GPS trace below. The GPS lost its signal along the way, probably due to the dense forrest, and it drawed a straight line to the point where the signal was found again.

GPS trace: Run above Preddvor