Suhadolnik - Grintovec - Suhadolnik

Trip time length: cca 7 h

My first successful winter trip in the mountains. Yup, it's already winter up there :) I have to admit, that I was quite beat after this trip and it took me a long time to complete the trip - 7 hours altogether. I have to get in winter shape :) I needed about 4 hours from Suhadolnik to the mountain peak, which is a lot more compared to my summer time. I needed additional 3 hours to descend back to the car. I had all my winter gear with me and it came quite handy. The weather was great and the wind was moderate. Still, it was cold enough for the water in my camelbak pipe to freeze. I had to pour it from the camelbak to a plastic bottle so I could drink. I'll have to bring a thermos bottle next time :) I took some photos and videos along the way, all of which you can see below.

And a few photos: